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Voices of The Hive: Stories of Women Shaping Business

In the vibrant community of The Hive, we aim to highlight accomplished women not just for their relentless drive but for the trails they have blazed in the corporate sphere. Their narratives, diverse yet unified by determination, offer a window into the transformative power of female leadership. From breaking barriers in technology sectors to spearheading innovative startups, these members of The Hive exemplify the spirit of progress. As we delve into their journeys, their stories reflect a larger truth about the role of women in business today a role marked by resilience, creativity, and leadership.

Sukaina Pasha

Co-founder and COO

Sukaina Pasha serves as the co-founder and COO at Aladdin Informatics Pvt Ltd, where she oversees operational matters, customer relationships, HR, and product strategy execution. Her journey reflects a remarkable trajectory marked by diverse experiences and notable achievements.

Sukaina's career path has been multifaceted, evolving from brand management to entrepreneurship and coaching. Noteworthy milestones include spearheading Candi Biscuits' ascent to becoming a leading brand in Pakistan, transitioning to coaching to support numerous clients in achieving their goals, and cofounding Aladdin, which rekindled her passion for the grocery retail space.

Despite her successes, Sukaina acknowledges the internal challenges she faced, such as adjusting her mindset during coaching training and adapting to a new role at Aladdin. Her resilience and commitment to learning have been instrumental in overcoming these hurdles.

Sukaina defines leadership as developing respect, trust, and collaboration to empower her team to excel. At Aladdin, she cultivates a culture of learning, openness, and honesty, enabling her team to thrive.

Her ability to connect with people has been a consistent driver of success throughout her career, facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

While Sukaina hasn't encountered significant gender biases, she has grappled with balancing work and family responsibilities. At Aladdin, the focus is on results rather than physical presence, creating a flexible and inclusive work environment.

Sukaina showcased her leadership skills when her co-founder and a strategic partner had differing perspectives on a specific issue. By uniting them around a shared goal, she effectively facilitated alignment and enabled them to overcome the challenge seamlessly.

Drawing from her experiences, Sukaina advises aspiring female professionals to believe in themselves, strive for excellence without chasing perfection, prioritize work-life balance, embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth, and confidently own their success.

Sukaina Pasha's journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to leadership, serving as an inspiration for women in the workforce.

Sheeza Zehra

Creative & Social Media Manager

Meet Sheeza Zehra, Creative & Social Media Manager at Hatch, where she spearheads the management and creation of engaging digital presences for various brands, including The Hive.

Sheeza's career journey is marked by significant milestones, notably her transition from a medical background to digital marketing. Despite the challenging shift, her passion for content creation propelled her forward, making the transition incredibly rewarding.

Navigating the learning curve of her career shift was Sheeza's biggest challenge. Transitioning from medicine to digital marketing demanded dedication and self-learning. She embraced online platforms and resources to build her skillset, finding excitement in keeping up with evolving trends.

Leadership, to Sheeza, is about inspiring and guiding teams towards shared goals. It involves creating a collaborative environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute their ideas. Leading by example at Hatch, Sheeza emphasizes meeting deadlines and staying ahead of the curve, motivating her team to deliver exceptional work.

Constant learning and proactive task management have been instrumental in Sheeza's success. Staying informed about digital marketing trends and technologies, coupled with a proactive approach to task management, ensures smooth workflows and timely delivery for her team and clients.

Fortunately, Sheeza hasn't faced gender bias in her professional career, thanks to supportive managers and colleagues who encourage open communication and collaboration.

A memorable project for Sheeza was the successful launch of a stationary product during her tenure with a previous employer. Through thorough research and collaboration, the digital product launch made a significant impact on the market.

For aspiring female professionals, Sheeza's advice is to be bold, courageous, and unafraid to step out of their comfort zones. She emphasizes the value of their voices and ideas, urging them to believe in themselves and strive for what they deserve, as they can achieve incredible things.

Almeenay Hussain

Client Solutions Lead

Almeenay Hussain is Client Solutions Lead at The Hive, with a remarkable journey spanning over five years. Her career path is defined by notable achievements, including three promotions within her tenure. Starting as a guest relations officer, she now holds the position of Country-level lead.

Reflecting on her career, Almeenay recalls the emotional challenge of leaving her previous job, highlighting her deep commitment and attachment to her work.

To Almeenay, leadership is about empowering others by sharing knowledge and trusting in their abilities to excel. In her current role, she emphasizes teaching and creating a supportive environment.

Her success-driven strategy revolves around loyalty to her work and accountability. Rather than blaming others, Almeenay believes in assisting everyone to achieve collective success.

While Almeenay hasn't personally encountered gender-related biases in her career, she advocates for equality and encourages aspiring female professionals to assert their capabilities without seeking validation.

A defining moment for Almeenay was securing significant clients and overcoming her initial fear of public speaking. This achievement showcases her growth and resilience in facing challenges head-on.

For aspiring female professionals, her advice is simple yet powerful: demonstrate equality in every aspect of your work, refrain from complaining, and let your dedication and diligence speak for themselves.


These highlighted women are just a glimpse of the many talented individuals at The Hive. As we draw the curtains on this spotlight, let their stories stand as guiding lights of encouragement for all aspiring women, igniting a collective drive for excellence and equity. We dedicate this month to all aspiring females striving to achieve their goals and excel in their respective fields. Together, let's continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that every voice is empowered to flourish.


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