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Workspaces in Islamabad

Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, has emerged as a thriving centre for independent workers and startups. The city has seen the popularity of coworking spaces, which provide professionals with a low-cost, high-convenience option for doing their business in a group setting. The Hive is a popular coworking space in Islamabad because of its three convenient locations.


The first Islamabad outpost of The Hive can be found in the urban core, on Fazal e Haq Road, in the Block D G 6/2 Blue Area. There are many places to eat and shop in the immediate vicinity, making this a great spot for creative types that thrive in a busy and stimulating atmosphere.

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The Hive Tower Coworking space Islamabad

Jinnah Avenue, Block J F 7/1 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan


Fazal e Haq Rd, Block D G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad The Hive Tower

Plot 10, Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad.

Productive and Collaborative Workspace: The Facilities at The Hive in Islamabad Stock Exchange

High-speed internet, private conference rooms, and a large communal lounge are also available for use by tenants. The Hive at ISE Jinnah Avenue, a renowned shared office space in Islamabad, located in Block J F 7/1 Blue Area in the centre of the commercial sector, is yet another ideal place for coworking professionals. 


This location is convenient since it is flanked by other business hubs like Jinnah Avenue, where many corporations have headquarters. Ergonomic furniture, air-conditioned workspaces, and plenty of windows provide a soothing and productive environment to The Hive, the best coworking space in Islamabad.

The Hive Tower: A Coworking Space with a View in Islamabad

The Hive Tower may be near the central business area and the Islamabad Stock Exchange at Plot 10, Mauve Area, G-9/4. The region is well-known for its breathtaking panoramas over the city and the nearby Margalla Hills. The area has a variety of amenities, such as private phone booths, private phone stalls, and access to high-speed internet for printing and scanning. In addition to its convenient location, the Hive Tower's rooftop terrace is a great place to host business functions and social gatherings. Ultimately, The Hive's three Islamabad sites, each with its features, make it a top choice for every traveller. The Hive's coworking spaces provide a convenient and affordable option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small company owners.

  • What are the benefits of using a coworking space in Karachi?
    Using a coworking space in Karachi offers several benefits, including access to a professional workspace, networking opportunities, and increased productivity. Coworking spaces are designed to provide a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and innovation, which can lead to new ideas and business opportunities. Additionally, coworking spaces offer flexibility and cost savings compared to traditional office spaces, making them an ideal choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
  • Where is The Hive’s coworking space located in Karachi?
    The Hive is located at four places in Karachi, Nishat, Clifton and DHA. The Luckyone centre will open soon. The cospace we provide in Karachi are at prime locations, and you can easily access it whether you are an individual or a team.
  • How can a coworking space help me enhance my business?
    Due to their diversity, coworking spaces are fantastic for networking. Coworking spaces provide high-speed internet, printing, scanning, and conferencing. They provide flexible, cost-effective workplace space that can help your firm develop without adding debt. Startups, freelancers, and small enterprises can afford collaborative office space and enhance their business. Also, shared offices remove distractions, help employees concentrate, and improve profitability.
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