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The Hive Tower

The Hive Tower offers a state-of-the-art meeting room facility in Islamabad with on-demand availability and all-inclusive amenities. Whether you need a space for a small team meeting or a large conference, our modern meeting rooms can accommodate your needs. With LEED Gold certification, temperature control glass, and vertical gardens, our smart building provides the perfect backdrop for your next meeting.


At The Hive Tower, we offer a range of customizable office spaces in Islamabad, including shared coworking spaces, private offices, and custom offices. Our flexible lease terms and all-inclusive amenities provide a hassle-free experience for fast-growing businesses.

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Collaborative Coworking Space in Islamabad at The Hive Tower

Looking for a coworking space in Islamabad? The Hive Tower offers a modern, collaborative workspace with all-inclusive amenities and flexible membership options. Our coworking space can accommodate your business needs, from hot desks to custom offices. 


Our smart building is designed to provide a comfortable and productive work environment, with temperature control glass, vertical gardens, and on-demand meeting rooms. Thaworking spaces, private offices, and custom offices. Our LEED Gold certified building features a grand reception and state-of-the-art amenities, including temperature control glass and vertical gardens. With flexible lease terms and on-demand meeting rooms, The Hive Tower is the perfect place for fast-growing businesses to thrive. With on-demand meeting rooms and conference rooms for rent, our tech-enabled building is designed to help your business succeed.

Work Spaces

Coworking Space in the hive tower Islamabad

The Hive in Islamabad provides a modern, collaborative workspace with flexible membership options and all-inclusive amenities. 


If you need a secure and customizable workspace in Islamabad, The Hive offers private offices with all-inclusive amenities and flexible lease terms. 

Event Space the hive tower Islamabad

Whether you need a conference, workshop, or networking event space, our team can help you create a memorable experience.

Meeting rooms the hive tower Islamabad

Our state-of-the-art technology and all-inclusive amenities provide a productive environment for your next meeting or presentation.


High speed internet

Round the clock uninterrupted power supply

On-demand meeting rooms

Regular disinfection and janitorial support

On-site support team

Robust security and fire safety

Staffed reception and postal mail management

Valet parking service

Comfortable seating and modern furniture

Event space

Unlimited hot beverages

Our Location

Plot 10, Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad.

Phone Number
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