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The Hive - Our Glorious Journey In 2022

The Hive is a rapidly expanding network of customizable private office facilities and coworking spaces in Pakistan, catering to established and emerging businesses. Throughout 2022, it has made remarkable progress and is growing continually.

The Hive provides a flexible workplace to individuals and teams of many firms throughout five hubs in 3 cities, totalling over 260,000 square feet in shared office spaces.

Unlike most other businesses, 2022 was a glorious year for The Hive. Let’s discuss the collaborations, events, and developments we made.


During the initial days of 2022, the Hive was delighted to host the event for Pakistan Fintech Association known as HACKADESIGN. It is to develop a cutting-edge digital account management interface since we are staunch defenders of entrepreneurship, start-up, and tech environment.

Karandaaz Women Ventures, Pakistan Fintech Network, Pakistan Fintech Association, and Ideate Innovation were among the organizations participating in the event.

Our Partnership with Aim Fit

The Hive is always concerned about its employees. Additionally, we're always eager to foster a tradition that prioritizes the well-being of everyone in The Hive. To better serve our people, especially our ladies, we have partnered with the fitness center AimFit.

Our success depends on the satisfaction of our workforce; thus, we never let anything stand in the way of their joy at work.

Partnership with Dastgyr

Dastgyr has taken an unusual step in bringing together technical community members with his latest endeavour. We are the monthly hosts of their events, buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. We are thrilled to be a part of the Dastgyr community because of the way it connects people in the start-up and IT industries.

Company In Spotlight

January marks the beginning of a new calendar year, a new work schedule, and a new set of stresses. However, we respect how a renowned firm SadaPay provides its staff with a healthy dose of entertainment. In-house musical performances, extraordinary excursions, therapeutic art classes, and other activities are all part of the experience offered by Team SadaPay at The Hive.

Having spotlight companies at our office is one of the great experiences The Hive gets in its journey in 2022. Besides, establishing new franchises is also one of our biggest achievements.

ISE Tower, Islamabad

The Hive's good fortune in February stayed the same from the previous month. We set up the Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers, one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in the Blue region. Any rapidly expanding company desiring stylish and high-quality office space would do well to consider this location.

The Hive takes great delight in providing innovative and adaptable work solutions and a specialised customer service encounter to meet your individual and professional goals.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Productivity is crucial, which is why our Global Entrepreneurship Week is also a part of our adventure. This year, we worked in partnership with dynamic Katalyst Labs.

The evening was jam-packed with networking opportunities and engaging workshops led by Jehan Ara, Humaira Ahmad, Head of HR - Syngenta, and Syed Bilal, CEO – Wonder-tech.

Donation Drive for Flood Relief

We empathise with our fellow men and never give up on adversity. Since the floods had a widespread impact on all Pakistanis, we organised a fundraising effort to help the millions of women and children who had lost everything in the disaster and required food, rations, shelter, and medical supplies.

Thanks to our collected donations, we made a difference in the lives of many needy Pakistanis.

Wrapping up!

The wonderful year was made possible by our collaboration with BusCaro, Linkstar, and Nutilov, HP, Dastgyr as well as the participation of several talented comedians, writers, and artists such as Saad Haroon.


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