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Future of Workspace – The Hive Tower

The Hive Tower

The revolution came along technology is changing the way we think and live in the modern world, and this is not the end. Businesses are constantly working on new emerging trends with client and workforce preferences to make the right investment choices. The hybrid work model has pushed entrepreneurship to another level, demanding more and better co-working spaces.

Workspace design has been a significant factor in the latest business trends, helping offices and their surroundings experience a fine blend of economy and technology. In this case, the future of workspace is expected to flourish just like the need for reliable co-working spaces did in the past decade.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many undesirable changes and uncertainties in the commercial sector, although, co-working spaces are anticipated to play a big part since the world is getting back to its pace. When it comes to small businesses, self-employment, and entrepreneurs at The Hive Tower, the future of workspace holds just the right elements to help you excel.

Efficiency with Eco-Friendliness

Eco-friendliness is the new trend in the future of workspace design. The Hive Tower is specially designed with better energy efficiency to lower the negative environmental impact for higher security and temperature management. The infrastructure is equipped with high-quality solar control glass for better light and heat management solutions, thus being energy efficient, making the Hive Tower a smart shared working space like no other.

Collaborative Work Facility

One of the fastest growing share office companies in Pakistan, The Hive, offers a smart collaborative work facility where some of the huge brands run smoothly with minimum and flexible expenditure and lowered risk of energy shortage. This fantastic co-working space is constructed keeping in mind the most paramount comfort factors, including networking infrastructure, fire and safety measurements thoughtfully designed architecture, IOT for building management, visitor management and security along with value-added services, which makes growing a business easier – promoting a more focused ambiance with peace of mind.

Corporate Style Co-Working

Work-from-home has been ‘the trend’ since the pandemic. However, there are its cons. Corporate-style co-working spaces at the Hive have taken the position and people are getting used to remote working since the benefits are quite attractive. From hiring remote talent and boosting productivity to customizable shared workspaces, flexible hybrid workforce, private seated offices, and short and long-term leases, there is a lot you cannot just neglect.

Better Flexibility and Ambiance

Co-working spaces are known for their flexibility in the choice of workplace and time. In general, you can set your working hours as and when you like. Moreover, the design and vibe of the setting are yet other factors that add to better decision-making for a workstation. A large lobby with high-quality marble and lighting details with an overall rooftop garden makes the Hive Tower a perfect choice. Along with the rooftop scenery, vertical gardens add more to the attractiveness of this beautiful co-working hub. Moreover to the ambiance, the courtyard café is truly something else when you want to de-stress after a long day of tiring deadlines and dealing with clients.

Companies and co-working spaces hold a better future with the fast pace of technology and an emerging rate of self-employment since the COVID-19 pandemic. This brings the need for more and better co-working spaces all around the world. If you want to find a workspace with flexible options, The Hive is the right choice for you in Pakistan.


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