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Top 5 Co-working Spaces – Design Wise

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Co-working Spaces Design

Co-working spaces have thrived since 2005. The independence and flexibility of working in the comfort of your home are of no comparison. However, you may feel a bit diverted because of the level of coziness you often enjoy. Co-working space companies offer affordable joint workstations, giving a sense of ownership.

Here are the top 5 co-working spaces that offer much more than a desk and a chair.

1. The Hive

The Hive - Co Working Spaces Design

Located at the prime location of the city of lights, Karachi, The Hive is the most creative working space in Pakistan. It perfectly accommodates teams and workloads of all sizes. Whether you are a small-scale start-up, tech tycoon, or a hustling freelancer, there is always a workstation for you. With non-stop Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art security, and reliable domestic facilities, you can choose the workspace you need as the Hive offers separate meeting rooms as well as private and co-working areas.

2. Popcorn Studio

Popcorn Studio - Coworking Space Interior Design

Situated in Lahore, the Popcorn Studio offers a budget-friendly, high-tech work environment for self-employed individuals. It yearns to provide a decent workspace with a cool ambiance, free internet facility, networking, and a chance to socialize with people who share similar interests, all-in-all being one of the best co-working office space designs in Pakistan.

3. Daftarkhwan

Daftarkhwan - Coworking Office Design

Daftarkhwan is the perfect co-working space for health-conscious people and foodies. Other paramount aspects are the location and the relaxing facilities it offers. Along with high-speed Wi-Fi, top-notch meeting rooms, and a super cool and comfy co-working office space design, it has an on-site café where you can find budget-friendly, fresh, and hygienic food. In addition, the management of Daftarkhwan ensures to create and maintain a friendly as well as enjoyable work environment so you can focus on meeting your deadlines.

4. We Create Pakistan

We Create Pakistan - Coworking Office Space Design

We Create is a business community in Pakistan especially dedicated to women entrepreneurs. This is an amazing co-working space interior design with an open, well-lit co-working center in Islamabad. It is one of the very few women-led workspaces that offers flexible work options so you can focus on elevating your brand or quality of work or simply hitting the deadline. What makes it a perfect setting for women is its amenities, particularly including day-care facility for working mothers, dedicated prayer area, meeting rooms, and halls, as well as a self-service kitchen. We Create is also a hub of national and international entrepreneurial programs, like She Talks and Start Up Academy, to allow self-employed women to excel in their respective markets.

5. Sand Box

Sand Box - Best Coworking Space Design

Particularly made for small business owners, freelancers, and startups, Sand Box is an ideal co-working office design that has exactly everything to offer a co-working space needs like virtual office, private studios, event space, flex desk, and meeting halls with stable internet access. These facilities are designed while keeping in mind the potential challenges as well as the sense of satisfaction it involves while working independently. Not to mention a safe and secure internet connection with stable networking along with reliable office security to prove peace of mind.

Freelancing and starting a business is not a child's play. If you are looking for a workplace in Karachi with modern amenities, you can opt for the Hive as it is one of the top co-working spaces. Design is another factor adding to the facilities to keep you comfortable and motivated at all times.


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